Multiplex hosted the Independent Learning Programme 2020 Launch at Kelvin Hall alongside the University of Glasgow. Peter Haggarty, Estates and Building Director of Construction and Facilities Management opened the programme by welcoming the pupil’s and faculty. Followed by an introduction to Multiplex by Project Director, Darren Pike. Kiran Singh from Multiplex then spoke in depth about the Independent Learning Programme and how the programme will benefit all involved.

The Independent Learning Programme involves pupils S4 to S6 from local secondary schools in Glasgow. They are asked to work in teams of 8 to 10 and create a fictional construction company and outline key elements of their company. They will each research and prepare a bid presentation for the Research Hub project to a panel of judges in April 2020.

Each team is assigned a mentor to help support and instruct in the programme. George McLatchie from Multiplex will be mentoring a team from Cleveden Secondary. Same Johnston & Ryan Traquair from SES will be mentoring a team from Hyndland Secondary. Kevin O’Dell from the University of Glasgow will be mentoring Notre Dame High School. Claire Nelson from Faithful & Gould will be mentoring Drumchapel High School.

The Independent Learning Programme Finale will take place in April 2020 where each team will present and winners will be chosen by judges.

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