Multiplex along with Hyndland Primary School entered in the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Honor Big Build Competition 2019. Together we built a replica of the Research Hub, currently under construction part of the University of Glasgow Campus development project.

Multiplex delivered an assembly on construction and the importance of sustainability. The Eco Group of Hyndland Primary School which consisted of 10 pupils from P3 to P7 helped build a replica of the Research Hub out of cardboard, juice cans and crisp wrappers. They also built a miniature version of the Rain Gardens out of milk cartons, cardboard, soil, gravel, plants and rain water.

The Research Hub at the University of Glasgow will be used for science and research when built. The idea is for a space where students and staff can have one large area on campus dedicated for individual and group research. The Rain Gardens is a sustainable urban drainage system, which will provide a valuable amenity space on the campus and contributing towards biodiversity aspirations.

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